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Day 1 - Sikh transit in Delhi

Main Sikh temple in Delhi - Gurudwara Si Bangla Sahib

Since 2023, Delhi is the capital city of what has become the most populous state in the world - 1.4 billion people - overtaking China's population. I'm entering the golden dome of the main Sikh temple of Delhi, barefoot and my head covered with an orange bandana provided by the temple, only European in the crowd. A trio of musicians is playing a haunting song telling about the sacred books written by ten gurus in the 17th century. This is full moon and outside, the crowd is listening, motionless, hands pressed, around a large water basin. ThiS scene could have been the same a century ago and may happen exactly the same in twenty years. However, something big is going on at the same time. Comet India is roaring at full speed in the sky. Compared to 12 years ago, I am struck by the growing strength of the Indian middle class. In the last few years, India has already overtaken France and the UK in terms of GDP. It is now going at comet's speed to overtake Japan and Germany in the next two to three years, to be third only to the US and China. The gigantic Indian middle class is pushing hard and seems irresistible, even though the GDP per head is still only 25% of the one that China has reached. There is still a long way to go to match up the economy of the other Asian giant, but in spite of some chaotic moments, India is the fastest growing power of this third decade of the century.

Sunday evening at the Gurudwara Si Bangla Sahib temple, New Delhi

London - New Delhi - 6740km

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