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The House

The House is a project to show the past glory and slow decay of a bourgeois house in provincial France. Until the 1960's this house used to be the main house of a respected and prominent family of a small town in a very rural area. The family was active in agriculture, medicine, trade and very involved in the community through local charities, sports, theater, church. There were cousins all over town, living in various houses, but that one was called "La grosse maison", the big house, where the elder members of the family where living. Then from the 70's, starts a slow decline. The youngsters left town to study and to make a supposedly better and more interesting life elsewhere. The elders reached the age of retirement. Generations slowly passed away. And suddenly, out of all the cousins and the family members, only a few where left... until the last grand mother, the last and oldest of all the cousins born before the start of WWII passed away. All the younger generations were gone. All the cousins' houses sold. The main house remained empty, silent and left for sale, embodying the desitny of this provincial France, far tourist flows and wealthy metropolitan areas which is slowly and surely declining and sinking out of times.

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