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Bloody Holidays

Bloody Holidays is a project around the arrival of one million people from the Middle East to Greece in 2015. There was a huge contrast, if not contradiction, since the migrants were arriving at night on the very same beaches that were used by the tourists during the day, almost like a night shift and a day shift...

Bloody is not only litteral but also an expression very much in use in England. This was a "bloody" interruption to the normal course of the holidays. But, also, the migrants had to wait for several days to be processed by the police. They were stuck in the middle of a very touristy place, so for some of them, there was almost an impression of holidays, they could enjoy the beach for a few hours before moving on to a more difficult part of their journey to Western and Northern Europe. Except that they did not enjoy the same conditions as the tourists, even though, as a paradox, they had probably paid much more to be there than the tourists! But to the smugglers!

Bloody holidays is also an invetigation about the economic aspects of the passage for the migrants and the money made by the smugglers.

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