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What most people know about Belarus is the image of a dictator who is a good friend of the Kremlin and who has been holding to his power for about 30 years. But a country cannot be summarized to its dictator. Hundreds of thousands have been taking to the streets to try to overturn the results of the last presidential elections that was manipulated by the power in place. Minsk has been a martyr city dury the second world war, as well as the entire country, which was the main battlefield between the Germans and the Russians. But Minsk people have better to offer that this desastrous image. Before the Ukraine war, they were trying to open to the world, to create startups and to have fun, like anybody. I hope these pictures can show a different vision of this country for people who have not been there. There is a strange mix between the militaristic atmosphere, the Soviet architecture and the colors that the youth and the entrpreneurs are adding the city.

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