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I started photography at 10 with a Kodak Instamatic. My goal was to make people ask "what is that???"...

What can I say about my work? Just have a look and make your own opinion. I love to travel the world, go to remote places, meet people, try the local food, go where few people go, sail, walk, drive on dirty roads, write my impressions, tell stories, get a good smile and laugh with people when making their portrait.


It makes my day if I can do just one good picture. I still forgot to do a decent picture of myself for the bio… There are so many things that are more interesting to photograph outhere!!! 

Reflection of a photographer in an old mirror - Jabreen Castle, Oman




Abécédaire de l'Inde

Abécédaire du Cambodge

Bloody Holidays

abc inde (2).jpg
ABC cambodge.jpg
labeur inde.jpg

Regards croisés (with Olivier Malingue)
Galerie NM, Paris
October 2009

Inde: un peuple en marche
Galerie Causans, rue de Seine, Paris  
 April 2010

Bloody Holidays
Seven Dials Club, Soho, London, UK  
February 2017

Bloody Holidays
Fine Art Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania  
June - August - 2017


Canon EOS 5D

Fuji X100T

Samsung phones



London, UK


Paris, France

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